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black granite markers

Black granite markers

Granite cemetery markers are flat memorials also known as grass markers or flush markers. We offer full range of shapes of flush markers for you. Custom design are available. Looking forward to your inquiry so we can send you more products information for your review.
Surface treatment:
1. polish top, balance sawn 2. polish top. Balance rock pitched ( natural surface)
3. other finished way available as requested
Popular dimension of flush marker:
Thickness 4inch series: Dimension of bevel Markers :
16″x8″x4″ / 20″x10″x4″ / 24″x12″x4″ 16″x8″x6″ / 16″x8″x8″ / 20″x10″ x6″
Thickness 6inch series:
24″x12″x6″ / 36″x12″x6″ / 42″x12″x6″
42″x14″x6″ / 48″x12″x6″ / 48″x14″x6″
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